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1. What is communication? How does communicating r Research Paper Assistance

1. What is communication? How does communicating relate to parenting? Communication is any sharing of meaning between two or more people. Communicating is important to positive parenting. It helps parents guide and understand their children. 2. How can financial issues affect parenting? Financial issues cause parents to spend less time together with their kids dues to extra hours spent working. Parents become tired, anxious and frustrated. This can create negative interaction with children.Not the Essay You’re looking for?GET A CUSTOM ESSAY 3. How does negative communication differ from positive communication? Positive communication is normally associated with a tone of voice and helps to uplift the person your speaking to. Negative communication belittles and leaves the other person with a feeling of lost self-worth and lack of motivation to do better. 4. How can divorce affect children? Divorce can have many effects on children. Young children may have temper tantrums, hard time sleeping and separation anxiety. Older children may be sad or may feel guilty or angry. It may affect their grades as well. 5. What are three tips that parents can use to improve communication with their children? A few tips to better communication are to help the child to find solutions. Listen carefully and respectfully and get down to your childs level, physically. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Why is it important that parents talk to their children about social issues such as divorce, finances, and unemployment? How can parents talk about difficult topics?Choose a quit place to talk. It can help children open up about their feelings and questions they have. Express your own feelings about the situation. 2. When teenagers become parents, what are some of the challenges they face? One major challenge for teen parents is depression, stress and anxiety. Also there are financial challenges as well as educational. Teen parents have the worry about their familys moral support as well as some small financial needs.. 3. What are at least three techniques that parents can use when they are communicating with a child about a mistake or misbehavior? Tips on correcting mistakes are to wait before criticizing out anger. Also start a constructive criticism conversation on a positive note. Use the word and instead of but.

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