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How Does the Custom Writing Service Work?
In search of academic success, one only needs to place an order for superior quality papers with our writing agency, PlusEssayPapers. The process is very simple. Simply complete the order form, pay for the services of the order and await an email alert upon completion of the order. A client is required to state the instructions of the order in a clear fashion, and if need be, upload any relevant file that may be of help. The process of acquiring our services is as follows:
(i) Fill the order form first then proceed to make payment
If a client has a question when submitting the instructions for the order in the order form, they can simply click on the ‘Info’ section that is found in every field title. A detailed pop up window will show up with the required information that the client seeks. Upon completion of the filling out the order form, the client is automatically allocated a personal order page through which they will be able to track the order’s progress. The client is then required to upload all instructions pertaining to the order and then send a message to both the administrator and writer.
(ii) Your order can be assigned to a preferred writer of your choice
Upon receiving your order, the support staff will assign the work to a writer has the expertise in the course discipline and the instructions of the order. However, after experience with a given writer, a client can prefer the services of that writer for their consequent orders. The client is advised to state beforehand in the initial instructions if their work requires the use of special software.
(iii) Upon completion of the order, it is delivered to the client’s personal order page.

How confidential are our services?
When transacting with our writing team, we will require clients’ personal information such as name, phone number and email address. However, our clients are assured of confidentiality and security when using PlusEssayPapers. The information of the client is never exposed to other parties. Therefore, clients must be aware that it is only the support team that will contact them through the phone number(s) that is specified on the company’s site. For mutual trust and cooperation, we thus warn our clients from transacting with fraudulent persons who operate via other lines and falsely present themselves as members of our staff. Moreover, our support team will not ask the client to reveal their credit card information via phone calls. Such data is only necessary during the payment process with the billing form from either SWREG or Paypal. After payment from the client has been received, PlusEssayPapers sends a confirmation email to the client notifying them of the same.

What is our Physical Address?
PlusEssayPapers is a London Incorporated certified company for academic research assistance. PlusEssayPapers also has a branch in the United States. Since our foundation in the year 2005, we have provided academic assistance to students in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada. We also accept online requests for research assistance from any other part of the globe. Our support department offices are located in Ukraine’s Kiev.

How Do I Submit Payment? Is you site payment process safe and secure?
To guarantee safety, security and efficiency, our writing agency uses two reputed payment companies, which is Paypal. Across the entire globe, these two organizations are well regarded in terms of their quality of service, speedy money transfers, efficiency, transparency and safety. They are legally registered and certified methods of transferring money across the world. Many users in the world have come to trust their services as a result. Our payment options provide the clients with the option of paying using paypal which accepts payments with those with paypal accounts and any credible credit/debit. Whatever option one selects to use, the link will direct the user to the company’s web page which provides the tips and guidelines concerning the procedure and requirements of payment. A few minutes after payment, PlusEssayPapers’s billing department will receive the funds as work on the order commences immediately. For more information regarding Paypal, feel free to visit their websites.

Why are your prices so low/ high?
Our prices may appear higher than the regular essay writing agencies to new customers. However, our clients have come to highly regard our attentive and personal approach as well as the exclusivity of our completed orders. This makes a significant difference and impact on the performance and learning process of the client in their academic endeavors. Ordering for academic material from writing companies that charge less than 10 dollars a page is academic suicide waiting to occur as a result of low quality papers, poor grades and resale. It is impossible and absurd to find a professional writer with a PhD writing a paper for less than 7 dollars a page. In addition, how would such a company run its own affairs with the remaining meager 3 dollar profit? In truth, what happens is that such companies usually resell the clients’ papers to essay banks so that they can cover the 10 dollar per page payment to their professional writers and the operation overhead of the organization. At PlusEssayPapers, we offer reasonable prices that will ensure our team of expert writers is paid, and that the company is able to sustain itself in the long-term without hurting the exclusivity of the essays produced (such as via resale).

Do you offer money back guarantee?
A lot about this subject is mentioned on our webpage in the section titled ‘Money Back Guarantee’. Therein, clients are able to find all the information they need concerning money back guarantees.

Who will write my custom paper?
Upon placement of an order, there are certain regulations that determine which writer takes up the case. High school papers are usually tackled by undergraduate writers. Undergraduate work, on the other hand, is handled by masters specialists while PhD level professionals work on orders that are of the masters’ level. At PlusEssayPapers, we have a diverse writer community that is highly qualified, skillful, experienced, and possess sufficient knowledge on academic writing. Our writers are always mindful of the deadlines provided by the clients, and issues of lateness are unheard of. Finally, clients are always allowed the opportunity to select their preferred writers for their orders from amongst the current top 10 writers in order to guarantee even better quality essays as per their expectations.

What are the qualifications of my writer? Which degree is my writer?
All our writers must at least possess an undergraduate degree from various academic disciplines. We prefer, however, the masters and PhD level writers for their advanced experience and knowledge. Through the diversity of degrees, we are able to select suitable writers for various essay requirements and courses as ordered by clients. To ensure that a writer will produce quality work, writer skills are often assessed via certain parameters such as:
– The accessibility of the writer and the diligence displayed in timely completion of assigned orders from previous clients
– The writer’s overall score on a particular academic discipline during their contract with PlusEssayPapers
– The writer’s proficiency in online English tests and their application essays
– The academic skills and expertise of the writer

Will I be able to communicate directly with the writer writing my paper?
The client and the writer can keep in touch at any time that they see such a need. This exchange of insight between the client and the writer concerning the order and its progress is possible through the client’s personal order page. Moreover, the client is always notified of a message from the writer through email notifications. The client is always encouraged and welcome to consistently check on the progress of their paper, and offer insight (if they deem fit) through the personal order page.

Are there possibilities of plagiarism in the final product?
At PlusEssayPapers, we guarantee originality in our papers. We have in place our own system for plagiarism detection which screens all completed orders to verify their quality. Our system of plagiarism check is very secure and does not link to other plagiarism screening sites such as thus ensuring safety of content. We guarantee all our clients zero plagiarism incidences by ensuring all our papers are original and unique. In as much as we guarantee zero plagiarism, we also invite our clients to check for cases of plagiarism on their own through various websites like writecheck, offered by, then provide us with their feedback. However, caution should be taken as there are some plagiarism checkers that store the content of the checked material so that after the client checks using such a site and the lecturer also does the same, the search results for the lecturer may falsely indicate plagiarism because the database already has the material. Moreover, such sites can be open to hacks as academic content are stolen and resold to essay banks. Equally, to avoid cases of plagiarism, we urge our clients who are seeking proofreading, rewriting and editing services to be ethical and provide only papers that are free from plagiarism so that work is only done on corrections and modifications of the provided piece.

Does the agency have a pre-written essays database?
We do not have a pre-written essays database as we promise our clients high quality and original papers which are developed by our team of writers from scratch.

Which formats are your custom essays?
Our custom essays are formatted as per the universal standards of academic formatting. These are 275 words per page, 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font, double spaced and 1 inch all side margins. However, we can use the formats that are requested by the client in their order forms.

How is the order/ inquiry form filled?
Go to the order form page and then specify details of the order such as topic, list/ number of references (sources) required, number of pages, and date of delivery. Clients are to ensure they post the instructions with utmost clarity and specific details on how they want the paper to be written. In addition, the clients are to specify the course title, style of writing, and other related information. This specification of instructions aids the writer in their comprehension of the expectations of the client. However, if the client is still unsure of how the instructions are to be submitted, they can visit the ‘Info’ section. Clicking on ‘Info’ will bring up a pop up window with various guidelines on the same. If the client deems the instructions too complex, the company first moves to determine if the order can be tackled by our writers. A writer is then selected and the payment link posted to the client.

How do I send the case study, articles and relevant materials to the designated writer?
At our writing agency, upon completion of the order form, the client is automatically furnished with a personal order page. Any additional materials that a client wishes to send to the writer are simply attached in the files section on the personal order page. The attached files become visible to the writer tackling the order upon uploading to the files list. However, in case of difficulties in posting files, the client is advised to contact the support staff for assistance on the same.

What is the personal order page? What is its function?
The personal order page is a page through the client is able to track the progress of the order that they have placed. In addition, the personal order page provides a means of communication between the client and the administration and the writer. It is also the site through which the client is able to upload any relevant files or information. For the convenience of the client, this page includes an ‘All Order Tab’ which enables the client to keep track of all the orders they have done with the company, that is, cancelled, finished and current orders. The ‘New Order Tab’ is where request is made for a new order. The section named ‘Profile’ contains the information of the client and offers the option of changing current passwords. For clients with current orders seeking to communicate with the writer or the admin, they simply go to the ‘Order Info’ section and then to the message tab and initiate direct communications.

What is the case for forgotten passwords?
When placing the first order with our writing agency, a personal password is requested from the client for their personal order page. However, if the client forgets their password, they should proceed to the ‘If You Do Not Remember Your Password Click Here’ section where they will receive the guidelines on how to retrieve their password.

How do I receive my completed assignment?
A confirmation email that contains a link leading to the client’s personal order page is sent when orders have been successfully completed by the writers. We however invite the clients to keep vigil of their order’s progress more so as the deadline beckons. We do not send any files to the clients’ emails as a matter of policy. The client must thus follow the link provided in the email onto their personal order page in order to retrieve their completed assignments. Once in the personal order page, go to the ‘Manage My Orders’ section where the client can then review and download the finished order.

What should I do incase of lateness?
Although lateness of orders is an extreme rarity, we urge the client to contact us immediately if such occurs. The client can do this by calling our support staff, sending a message via the personal order page or initiating a live chat. We have a standby staff that is available to the client 24/7 for any arising concerns and questions. The reasons for delays of the completed papers can vary from time to time. Some of these may include sending completed files to the wrong address or the spam filter system rejecting our mail. In other cases, delays can arise when the client posts a question to the client who delays in their response even as the client continues to wait, or if the support staff is going through the completed file for plagiarism or quality. In case of any delay in delivery of orders, please contact the administration immediately.

What happens if I dislike the completed paper?
In the event that the submitted paper requires changes, the writing agency offers unlimited revision requests, and if need be, change of writer. Incase of dissatisfaction, simply go to the personal order page, and access the ‘Files’ section, then post to the writer the instructions for revision and the amount of time allowed to them to complete the revision. However, if the posted revision instructions are different from previously posted instructions for the order, the client will be charged a re-write fee. This fee will depend on the complexity of the new task. For more information regarding revisions, clients are invited to go through the company’s Revision Policy.